MPO Company Background

Managed Pressure Operations (MPO) provides Managed Pressure Drilling and Continuous Circulating Systems. The company staff all have extensive experience of applying MPD (and UBD) techniques on offshore installations (including semi submersible rigs and drill ships), and land rigs. All members of the MPO team have worked together on previous high profile MPD and UBD projects, in several regions around the world.

All members of the management team have worked in the UBD and MPD industry for between 10 and 15 years, with extensive experience of implementing MPD on land rigs, jack ups and fixed platforms, as well as on deep water MPD projects. The MPO staff includes some of the leading Drilling Engineers and Managers in the MPD industry. Our operational field staff are professionals experienced in MPD and UBD technology.

Our equipment, management systems and operational procedures are designed using that extensive international MPD and UBD experience.

MPO's goal is to provide the most technologically advanced and innovative Continuous Circulation and Managed Pressure Drilling systems, and first class operational personnel available to the oil and gas drilling industry.